Beautiful Horse Photography

Coming from a line of central European artists, Christian grounded his art at Cambridge, Prague and St Martin's. He became fascinated by the flowing, sculptural beauty of equines. Drawing from the Old Masters, Christian developed a technique using neutral grounds and studio lighting that transcends the boundary between photography and oil painting

Exhibiting regularly at Badminton and Burghley, he works mainly on commission and is rapidly becoming the photographer of choice for the discerning equestrian.

Following a successful exhibition of his horse photography at the Osborne Studio Gallery, Christian has broadened his attention to include still life and canines.

He is widly regarded as one of the most successful horse photographers in the country. 





The technique

The safety and wellbeing of the subject is always of paramount importance. Christian has been a horse owner for 20 years and starts very gently, expertly judging when is appropriate to ask more of the horse.

I print onto museum quality cotton fibre paper and can also offer rather unique framing.